Creath Family Advocates for Foster care, Adoption

‘Pro-life beyond birth’

Matthew and Leslie Creath know firsthand that following Christ may lead to foster care and adoption.

“Before Leslie and I married ten years ago, we talked about adoption and foster care,” Matthew said. “We always thought that was something we’d be interested in.”

They lived in Springfield and were licensed foster parents through the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (MBCH). Then they moved to St. Louis.

“Our first foster child was five months old and weighed eight pounds. He spent the first 10 days of foster care in the St. Louis hospital,” Matthew said.

“At least one of us were there around the clock for him. The hospital said foster parents don’t have to do that, but he needed someone to be there for him,” Leslie said.

After caring for several foster children and being unable to have their own biological children, the Creaths began adoption plans, costing over $30,000. They planned to adopt a baby from a Los Angeles woman, but while in the waiting room, the woman decided at the last minute to keep her baby.

“It was a crushing blow to us,” Matthew said…

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