This Cajun Woman has helped hundreds of local LA children

“I think about the one that we can help,” she says, “and not think about all the ones that we can’t– or it seems like we can’t… We help the next one and the next one and I just try and stay focused on what’s before us.”

New Orleans – Teri Hrabovsky often says that she hasn’t done anything “spectacular.” And yet she’s helped hundreds of children all across the state.

It started when Teri and her husband Jay were waiting to adopt a child. While they waited, they were asked if they would consider being foster parents. Their answer opened the door — their door– to foster children who were referred by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family services.

Some children stayed for months, others for just a day or two. But Teri noticed that most of these children would come into her home with nothing except the clothes they were wearing. No diapers or toys for the younger kids, and no toiletries, school supplies, or other essentials for the older kids. So Teri started collecting those things and more, filling each need as she encountered it, day after day, year after year. For most of us, it would be overwhelming.

More about Teri:

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