Indiana Report: Foster children less likely to graduate high school

INDIANAPOLIS — A first-of-its-kind report revealed that foster children in Indiana are less likely to graduate high school than their peers.

Lawmakers and foster care advocates discussed the new report at the Indiana Statehouse, stressing the need for more support for foster children.

The report found that just 64.6 percent of foster students graduate high school, compared with 88.1 percent of students who aren’t in the foster program.

The report also found that foster children are more likely to be suspended from school, as more than one-in-five are suspended each year.

The advocates pushed lawmakers to do more to study how to improve education for foster children.

Foster advocate Joshua Christian spoke about the report, and his life in the foster program.

“The state is lacking in providing consistent education and educational support,” Christian said. “The state needs to do more to support foster youth, provide tutoring, and demonstrate care, so we can have a shot of living successful lives.”

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