Room 29:11 fills needs for children in foster and guardianship care

MORRILTON, Ark. — There are 5,000 Arkansas children in foster care, according to the Department of Human Services.

While foster families receive some support and training, that’s not the case for guardians.

Room 29:11 is a non-profit helping to fill that gap.

“To me, this is a God-send. It really is,” Sheri Irby said.

Irby just received legal guardianship of her 16-month-old grandson Onyx.

That spark of joy a toddler gets with a snack is a similar feeling Irby felt getting help from Room 29:11 in Morrilton.

“Everybody helps each other out.,” she said.

“This is an expression of what our town is. We are a giving town, we are a helping town,” Morrilton Mayor Allen Lipsmeyer said.

Today the needs are diapers and snacks, but founder Sirina Robinett sees kids and families at every stage of need.

“Literally if there wasn’t a resource we could find, we would make that resource,” Robinett said…

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