Reflecting on the foster care experience and life story during class project

In Krystyna Hovell’s screenwriting class, her course’s semester project is to write a 45-to-90 page script about a fictionalized version of an important story close to her. Immediately, she thought about her own life story, including her time in the foster care system.

Hovell, a forward on the Rowan University field hockey team, doesn’t quite remember exactly how long she was in the foster care system, but what she does know is that she was able to find a forever home with two loving parents who adopted her and eight others later on. Krystyna sometimes gets flashbacks from her time in foster care. “I get flashbacks a lot from seeing other foster siblings I was living with at the time and I just remember certain moments where there was all of us kids in one big house and it was always an adventure.” says Hovell. “I was really young so it’s kind of hard to remember every detail, but I do get flashbacks here and there from some things that happened.”

Hovell was in the foster care system until she was adopted by her family when she was a toddler. Krystyna has a pretty big family, a unique one for sure. In her family, all but one of her siblings are adopted and it includes a set of four siblings related by blood…

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