Saint Francis Ministries issue plea to help Texas foster children during COVID-19

Source: Press Release

Saint Francis Ministries of Lubbock [Texas] has issued a plea for assistance for assistance in regard to its ongoing efforts to support foster care children in West Texas and the Panhandle during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The organization serves 41 counties in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, and provides services for over 750 children in the foster care system.

“We contract with community partners who do and have done this work for many years, and they are specially trained to care for our communities’ children who are walking through trauma,” reads a statement from the organization. “The question is, are we doing enough to ensure the protection of children at this time?”

The organization, along with many of its partners, has followed CDC, state, and federal guidelines to ensure the protection of the community’s children.

“It is all about safety at this time, and we specifically ask the Lubbock area to wrap around the child welfare workers who dedicate their lives to this work, day-in and day-out,” reads the statement.

Saint Francis urged the community to begin praying for our children, agencies, and workers who continue to do work daily to protect children.

“This state of uncertainty also comes with a cost, and your donations to those who serve children in the foster care system will give an opportunity to ensure a child has a hot plate of food, enriching activities outside of school, and a safe place to sleep,” reads the statement. “I would encourage you all to reach out to those programs and providers to give them your support.”

The organization also urged the community to look at ways to connect with agencies to use video conferencing and digital media to host craft activities, read to children, or send an uplifting message – as our children need to know they matter to us.

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