24 Moments in Foster Care


  • A little girl came back to my house after visiting with her mom. Cranky and tired, she crawled away from me, crying for her mommy.
  • A boy excitedly told me he was going to live with his mom in seven days. I had to tell him he was confused and was only going to visit his mom in seven days. I watched the sadness creep into the corners of his little mouth.
  • A girl argued with me outside her school. She didn’t want to get in my car. She wouldn’t get in my car. Passionate words were flung through the hot summer air. Tears and more words were spoken to her caseworker on the phone. Finally in my car she beat the seat and anything else she could reach. She threatened to take off her seat belt while we were driving.
  • A boy sat in a hot tub in Florida, so happy. We’d taken a boat ride. We’d been to the beach; it was his first time. We’d bicycled. We’d explored a museum. We’d kayaked. The hot tub was by far his favorite part.
  • I dropped two little kids off at day care. I knew it was the last time. I knew they didn’t comprehend the magnitude of that morning. Our first little girl said “Bye, bye Mommy,” in her adorable 2-year-old voice. I about lost it right there. I hugged our first little boy goodbye and did lose it. Tears streaming down my face, giant lump in my throat, I walked out of the day care knowing they were going to live somewhere else. And knowing it would be wonderful for them. It’s still the hardest thing I have ever done. But their adoption story is beautiful…


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