Social Impact Organization Introduces Revolutionary Way To Help Kids Heal From Trauma

Psychotropic medication not the answer

ChildServ remembers 17-year-old foster youth by doubling down on helping kids recover from trauma CHICAGO, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ChildServ plans to revolutionize and humanize the way children and young people who have suffered trauma are being supported to ensure they are given every opportunity to heal and …

“There is frightening data that says one third of children in foster care are on some form of psychotropic medication,” Kotowski said. “We can’t help kids to heal through medication alone. We need to provide kids with multiple ways to work through their physical and emotional suffering so they can have the best life possible. This means locating and treating the underlying causes of their trauma, not simply numbing the symptoms. Something has to change, and we are committed to becoming that catalyst.”

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