Teen adoption from foster care: A Real Instant Family

USA (MNN) — November is National Adoption Month in the United States, and it’s no secret that venturing into the world of adoption introduces a lot of unknowns. But few journeys into the world of adoption are as complicated as adopting teenage siblings…

The Crittendens always considered adopting, especially after Debra saw adoption modeled by family friends growing up. Once Debra and Tom realized they couldn’t have biological children, it was clear that God was leading them to grow their family through adoption.

Tom says, “By the time we got very serious about it, we were looking at the ages and thinking, ‘Well, maybe we need to be thinking about older kids at this point instead of having kids graduating from high school when we are retiring.’ So we decided at that point that we’d start looking at older children in foster care adoption.”

Here is the Crittendens’ Adoption Story:

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