Questions and Answers about Foster care

Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the Texas DFPS.

What type of couple makes the best foster care parents?

Generally, the best foster parents are caring, financially stable adults who understand the unique needs of children who have experienced abuse or neglect at the hands of their parents or caregivers and it unsafe for them to remain in their homes. The best understand it’s not just about providing room and board, it’s about nurturing.

More specifically, when considering the best foster parent placement for any individual child, CPS first looks for a placement that matches the individual needs of each child. The match proceeds based on staff’s knowledge of the skills and abilities of each family. Again, the primary consideration is the family’s ability to meet the child’s needs. There are many issues staff consider when making placement decisions. They include: the child’s best interest, the child’s permanency plan, the caregiver’s ability to meet the child’s needs, close proximity to the child’s home, placement with siblings, the child or youth’s preferences, and preservation of the child’s ethnic identity.

How great is the need for foster care parents?

Here’s what we are seeing statistically.

5 YEAR SNAPSHOT Children in Foster Care (ages 0-17)

San Angelo area (Tom Green County)

  • March 2020 311
  • March 2019 283
  • March 2018 252
  • March 2017 253
  • March 2016 270

Based on these figures, we’ve been averaging 300 plus/minus children in foster care (State conservatorship) in the San Angelo area per year.   More FAQs about Foster care:

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