Tim Tebow’s Powerful Letter on 15

Foster Today websiteTIM TEBOW:

“Fifteen has been a special number to me over the years. I’ve won a few high stakes games and celebrated a handful of incredible moments while wearing that number on my back, memories for which I’m forever grateful. But today, the number “15” represents something infinitely more important to me than a game.

Before I share with you why that number means something different to me now, however, I need to backtrack to 2020. At that point in time, my foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF), had been discretely involved in anti-human trafficking for many years. And by God’s grace, we had witnessed some victories. But some wasn’t enough. There’s no such thing as “enough” when it comes to rescuing people out of darkness…

The buying and selling of God’s children as if they are nothing more than cattle at the market is happening every hour of every day, and in every region of the world. It’s happening in your city, probably in your ZIP code. To fight a darkness this powerful, one orchestrated by the enemy himself, was going to take an army…”

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