Twins separated in foster care reunite after 60 years

Amazing Story of Twin Sisters Reunited

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Twins who were sent to separate foster homes at age 14 recently reunited in Springfield after losing touch for 60 years.

RoseMarie Henson and Rosalie Turner found their way back to one another this month with the help of family and DNA testing, the Springfield News-Leader reported .

The 73-year-old sisters said they never lost hope that they would reconnect after being split up and sent to different foster homes in California decades ago.

Both Henson and Turner said they felt a hole in their hearts ever since they were separated.

“It was painful,” Henson said. “It was very painful because we always did things together and we talk alike and did everything.”

Turner’s daughter, Tina Henderson, started looking for her mother’s twin after a family member completed a DNA test through

Henderson said she and her cousin were eventually able to locate Henson in Springfield.

Henderson set up a phone call for the sisters.

“When I picked up the phone, I said ‘Hello’ and she says ‘Hello,’ and I say, ‘She sounds like me,'” Turner said. “We talked so long we forgot how long it was.”   More…

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