Two Kansas brothers reunited after 10 years apart

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A pair of Kansas brothers are back together again after being apart for more than a decade.

“I kind of feel happy with my brother here. I am happy I find him online,” said Angel.

Angel, 15, Ronnie, 16, and their younger brother were left at a police station about 10 years ago, according to their adoptive father Ben Stauble.

“The mother dropped them off and said, ‘I am done. I can’t deal with them anymore,’” said Stauble.

The boys then entered the foster care system. Stauble said the state split the brothers up because of several issues including anger problems.

“Both boys have special needs. They have intellectual disabilities as well as emotional disabilities and physical disabilities,” Stauble said.

For the next few years, Angel and Ronnie bounced around from home-to-home. Angel was eventually adopted by Stauble and Shelley Louthan, his teacher, when he was in elementary school…

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