South Carolina Volunteers needed to tutor foster children

GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – As the world continues picking up the pieces during the COVID-19 outbreak, non-profit organization is stepping up to help the community’s vulnerable.

Fostering Great Ideas together is asking for volunteers to help with virtual tutoring for foster children.

“Since the pandemic, I’ve had my referrals almost double with kids in foster care,” said Hope Coudayre, education advocate.

She says about 15 volunteers of various backgrounds currently tutor children through the organization. And, more are currently going through the verification process.

Tutors spend an hour a week with students.

“About 20 of them. They’re all in foster care with sort of case open,” she said.

Not being able to attend school in normal fashion is somewhat disruptive for these students. Often times, the classroom provides a stable environment for them.

“They’re experiencing survival mode, fear and uncertaintity on daily already. School is often an outlet for these kids,”!said Coudayre.

The e-learning process seems to be a big hit for a lot of students, but not all. For the younger ones, they’re having to get work done through take home packets.

“Most of them don’t have a chrome book to bring home from school right now because they’re so young.”

This is a crucial time to provide consistent academic support for foster children. Not being able to properly communicate can lead to a disconnect between the student and tutor.

“With these students only having paper material, it can be kind of challenging for the tutor to help virtually.”

This is a free service. Anyone wanting to volunteer should click here for details.

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