‘We are not superheroes’: Local foster parents helping children for nearly a decade

Khirsta and Scott had two young biological kids at that time. They thought it would be best to learn how to parent them first.

Five years later they attended Foster Parent Training and instantly knew it was right for them.

“It was nerve-wracking because you think ‘uhh am I good enough to be a foster parent or am I not?’” Khirsta said. “Lots of questions asked but when you look back in hindsight, it was a fairly simple process. They are very accommodating. They make you feel at ease.”

The McDowalls have had about 10 foster children in their care.

There is always a demand for foster parents in Medicine Hat. They play an important role when children can’t safely stay in their own homes.

The McDowalls say it is the most challenging but rewarding experience they have ever had.

Shannon Nelsen, a program supervisor with McMan Youth, Family & Community Services says it’s very important for anyone considering fostering to be prepared emotionally.

“Can you say goodbye?” Nelsen said. “Because that’s going to be very difficult. Foster parents attach to the foster kids. The kids attach to the families. Can they let go when it’s the right time?”

Khirsta says as foster parents they provide a home, love, attachment, stability and trust…

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