Foster Care: What about those kids?

I thought about it the day that schools shut down on March 13th. I thought about those kids and what they must feel at the idea of staying home. Wade and I had just finished our fostering classes a few weeks before the country shut down. A class that we felt God was calling us to but would have been easier to ignore and avoid. The class that brought fulfillment but also stories of deep pain about the everyday crisis that children are living in. This class revealed the tragic reality of the world we live in. So when the country shut down, we were left asking, what about those kids?

Long before I had children of my own, I was a classroom teacher.

First grade to be exact and I had a child named Mory. Mory was quiet and reserved. He didn’t press much for attention nor did he ever stick around to ask questions after class was over. His favorite part of the day was always lunch and recess and he usually always did what he was told. He never raised his hand or offered answers and sometimes slept in the book corner where the beanbag rested. His eyes would gently close as we did math problems while sitting straight up in his desk. Sometimes during reading groups, I would notice how bloodshot his eyes were against his dark brown skin…

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