What’s Next for Teens Aging out of foster care after the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an especially stressful time for children in foster care or living in group homes. In Ohio, hundreds of those children are nearing their time to age out of the foster care system. Many of them are left to wonder where they’ll end up amid […]

“Basically if you remove these kids from the group homes and the foster care places they’re at, you would basically be making these kids homeless,” Kehres said. “There would be no place for them to go.”

One Northeast Ohio woman, who asked to remain anonymous, recalled feelings of hopelessness and confusion as she aged out of the foster care system at 18 years old.

“There’s no rule book to it and there’s a lot of stuff you have to figure out by yourself,” she said, “I didn’t know how to cook. I didn’t know much about grocery shopping. About paying bills. Budgeting. A lot of things I had to figure out by myself.”

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