When your child is struggling with suicidal thoughts, simply ‘more faith’ isn’t the answer

Kelly Rosati has four adopted children. Three of them have a serious mental illness. And one thing she doesn’t like to hear is that her problems would be solved if her faith was stronger. “This idea that as Christians, if we were just spiritual enough, that somehow Christianity teaches …

Several of her children were born addicted to drugs or exposed to alcohol in utero, she said. Among her four children, three have dealt with suicidality. One has bipolar disorder and another has schizophrenia.

Her children have been in and out of emergency rooms and residential psychiatric care facilities. One, the youngest, is currently at a residential facility.

It’s not exactly what she and her husband pictured when they first decided to grow their family through adoption.

“We wanted to create this family for these kids who didn’t have one. We were going to watch ‘VeggieTales’ and do all the Christian things,” said Rosati, who is vice president of community outreach at Focus on the Family. “Instead, our lives have been full of hospitals, psychiatric wards, and the police and a lot of bad cuss words…

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