Child Sex Trafficking. Who is Most At Risk? Warning Signs

“STOLEN” is a year-long NBC 7 investigation into the sex trafficking and exploitation of children in San Diego County. The seven-episode documentary series is told from the perspective of survivors, advocates — even traffickers, and sex buyers, explaining the depth and scope of this problem in our communities and …

“The foster care system is at a huge risk for human trafficking. Those [kids] are exploited more than any other category,” she said. “We want to bring about education so that kids are learning this prevention at school. We want to train eyes and ears in hotels, motels, in all of the industries, including restaurants, hotels, airports.”

But in a digital age when children don’t have to leave their room to be exploited, even a lack of supervision or parents who aren’t present can put children at risk. And, more and more of those children come from lower-income neighborhoods and the issues impact people of color far more than they do those living in white communities.

Mental health clinician for the North County Lifeline, Kathleen Thomas, says Black, Native American and other indigenous groups are most at risk for exploitation.


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