Wanted. Will you please give me an adoptive home

Every day, a child in the foster care system hopes and prays for their forever family. The older you get, the harder it is to keep a positive attitude. But not for 13-year-old Christopher.

He’s got two big things going for him.

He’s confident about his future, and he’s got a CPS caseworker who loves him.

In this world, you have slam dunk moments. For Christopher, that would be God answering his prayer.

“Will you please give me an adoptive home,” he said during a WFAA interview. It’s the request he makes daily in his prayers.

He wants to build memories with a family who will help push him forward.

“My dream is to be a firefighter. I want to help people and rescue animals,” he said.

Christopher’s CPS caseworker is fiercely protective of him.

“I love that kid, and I want this baby to get his family. He’s a big-hearted kid. He loves people,” Tamaya Reese said. “That’s a kid that doesn’t see limitations and I don’t want anybody to see him and feel that he has limitations.”

Sadly, Christopher…

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